Tokenizing Loyalty

Tokenizing in a Tiered Loyalty Program

Creating a tiered brand loyalty program is not a new concept. But as we’ve discussed in previous posts, tokenization can serve as an extremely efficient mechanism for creating a community with dynamic levels of permissions and privileges. Incorporating tokenization into a tiered brand loyalty program can help a brand foster customer loyalty and connect with their communities in more engaging and streamlined ways.


The perks of providing perks

Launching an NFT-based tiered system can make a brand loyalty program easier to manage and more secure than a traditional solution. Specifically, brands and enterprises can:

  • Create and refine a points system either autonomously or with input from token holders who have bought or earned into the system at a base level.
  • Design tiered and parallel (segmented) rewards and privileges for holders. This means multiple subsets based on NFT traits can live harmoniously in one system. Member reputation can be broad or complex and entirely authenticated by an NFT trait.
  • Set up a system in which a member’s tier (or user reputation, points, etc.) can be dynamically upgraded, downgraded or otherwise altered in near real time.
  • Implement engage-to-earn or buy-to-earn incentives. With this blockchain solution,  brands can offer gamification or a unique marketplace for NFT holders. 


If desired, a brand can also enable the buying, selling, trading or transfer of member NFTs. Thanks to web3 technology, each member owns their token (and therefore their points and reputation). So, systems can be structured to allow certain tokens to be exchanged either with the brand or in peer-to-peer transactions. A member can trade one permission (trait A) for a different permission (trait B), boost a friend with an airdrop, sell a high-level membership NFT on an open market, or buy dormant memberships and blend them.

Tokengating with NFTs

Tokengating allows enterprises to create exclusive access, events and rewards for their established loyalty tiers. Anything that can be governed through a smart contract can be tokengated for a tiered loyalty program. This includes:

  • In-person and online events
  • Physical products
  • Media distribution (e.g., private streaming)
  • Social platforms (such as Discord) 
  • Information and data sharing


Community members can also pick what data to share. Members own their on-chain data and can choose what to exchange — so additional data sharing can be opt-in, secure and even incentivized. This allows members to level up while building a more robust reputation safely. 


Getting started

If you are interested in building a tokenized brand loyalty program, then check out the Society platform. Society has been specifically engineered for brands and enterprises that seek to build sustainable connections with their communities. Interactive features allow brands to engage with their community members by allowing them to vote, earn exclusive access and gain rewards. Contact us to learn more about all Society can do.

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