What do Starbucks, Porsche and Gucci have in common?

They supercharge customer engagement with digital collectibles.

Top brands are using digital collectibles to create deep relationships with their most loyal customers and turn them into super fans.

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Top brands are making the move.
But why?

Gucci, a luxury fashion brand that has embraced innovation and web3 technology, launched Gucci Vault – their digital collectibles platform – in 2021. Some highlights so far include:

  • $11M in direct sales and royalties
  • Over $30M in sales in secondary markets

With Society, brands of all types can turn their customer bases into active, informed, supercharged communities. And you can do it all with minimal technical skills.

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Customers are changing how they interact with brands.

The Old Way

Traditional social media platforms own every user’s interactions, data and contacts. Combined with feed algorithms that are designed to distract users and keep them scrolling, this makes it difficult for brands to build meaningful relationships with their customers.

The New Way

By authenticating customers with digital collectibles, your brand can have more control of your interactions, data and contacts. This establishes a more secure, focused and meaningful link to your most loyal fans.

Society helps you
own your community.

Society authenticates your customers with personal digital collectibles, giving you control of your interactions and data. This creates a safe and meaningful link to your customers, turning them into emotionally invested fans.

Unlike traditional loyalty platforms, Society leverages open web technology to power a deeper relationship with brand champions by enabling:

Daily activity and interactions within your community

Tiered, personalized rewards based on each fan’s specific journey with your brand

Active, two-way conversations with your fans

Brand input for fans (e.g., voting, games and collaborations, etc.) that emphasize shared values and create emotional equity

"At Society, we’re passionate about leveraging the power of web3 to enable greater freedom and autonomy for both businesses and consumers. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this movement, empowering our users to engage with the digital world on their own terms."

Douglas Drouillard

Society Founder & CEO

But... wait! Isn't this technology

Not with Society.

Using our platform and deploying your first collectible is as simple as setting up an email account, no technical skills needed.

Society allows you to mint and drop your collections in just a few clicks.

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