Society: The Bridge for Connecting Enterprises and Communities  

As technologies and times change, one thing remains the same: humans have a desire—and need—for connection. With this notion in mind, the Society platform has been designed as a tool to help build more aligned connections across the globe. Utilizing decentralized web3 technologies, Society links enterprises with their communities and most loyal supporters. It’s a streamlined platform that meets the real-world needs of organizations while enabling the engagement individuals desire. In a “web 1.0” world, people mainly exchanged emails and interactions were very transactional. Then came platforms like Facebook and Instagram in the web 2.0 space, which arguably brought people together—and further apart. Now, as the web3 era evolves, we have a unique opportunity to define and determine what connections will look like going forward.

Breaking the status quo

With a few dominant social media companies controlling everything from ad pricing to the ability to engage with audiences, users are increasingly feeling disengaged with the “status quo” of web 2.0. Thus, there is an increasing desire for new ways to connect. The term “web3” describes a decentralized internet built upon blockchain technologies. By giving users more control and choice, web3 offers opportunities for more collaboration, connection, and communication. And through provable ownership, newer technologies such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide greater transparency.

The Solution? Society.

So, what does this mean for enterprises and brands? Individuals seek authentic interactions that go beyond clicking ads, posting comments or leaving reviews. They want their loyalty to be rewarded with engagement. They seek a sense of community with the brands they support and a choice in how they interact with them. To make this happen, enterprises need secure, easy-to-use and customizable ways to reach and understand their most loyal fans. That is where Society comes in. Society is a simple, stable and stacked solution that helps enterprises and brands connect with their global communities in an effective and sustainable way using web3 technologies.

Society is designed to be:

  • Simple – Society has been engineered with ease of use in mind, so it is simple for any organization, regardless of industry and skillset, to operate effectively. As a turnkey solution, it is designed to seamlessly plug into your existing SaaS application or workflow.
  • Stable – It is a highly secure and heavily audited decentralized technology platform, so it can go from zero to scale comfortably.
  • Stacked – Society is engineered with the feature functionality that an experienced web3 creator expects.

How it works

Through a customizable platform, enterprises can establish superior loyalty programs based upon NFTs that reward and engage their communities in a way that is fun, secure and measurable. Enterprises are utilizing Society to interact with communities in a variety of ways, including:

  • Gated Discord Rooms – Enterprises can set up Discord rooms that are only accessible to NFT holders within their community to encourage more authentic conversations among their communities.
  • Secret Stores – Enterprises can create exclusive stores that can only be accessed by NFT holders.
  • Voting – NFT holders can have a voice by voting on questions posed by an organization or enterprise. Check out a demo of this voting feature here.
  • Protected Media – By utilizing a type of software called a “token gate,” Society allows enterprises to offer their NFT holders exclusive access to exclusive content and media.
  • Loyalty Tiers – Using Society, brands can construct a loyalty program with tiers (e.g., silver, gold and platinum) and designate access/rewards for the different levels.
  • Commemorative Memorabilia – With Society, brands can issue NFTs to commemorate an event, anniversary or milestone.
  • Airdrops – Enterprises can easily issue rewards or savings to community members by deploying a simple “airdrop” via the Society platform.

Why now?

If you’re an enterprise debating entering the web3 space, you may be wondering: why is now the time to take the leap? Some points to consider:

  • Communication trends – Business communication methods with customers have changed over time. Yet, they have mainly been one-way, transactional and not completely transparent. We are seeing a shift away from the idea of brands speaking to an “audience” and instead speaking with a community. However, this shift can not fully be possible in a web 2.0 world. While businesses have presence on platforms like Facebook, ultimately Facebook owns the users and controls the messaging and the frequency of notifications. What’s more, non-business content can lead to ruthless moderation and brand message dilution. With web3, blockchain data is owned by both the enterprises and users. Therefore, communities can move on if and when needed. The direct channel structure leads to better focus and communication. By adapting web3 technology now, forward-thinking brands and enterprises are influencing these overall communication shifts while showing a commitment to evolving to meet their customers’ needs.
  • Economic forces – Currently, we are seeing more money move into cryptocurrency and more consumer spending move toward digital collectibles. It’s estimated that more than 300 million people use blockchain for cryptocurrency. What’s more, the global blockchain market is expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 85.9% (~$162.84 billion by 2027).
  • Social dynamics – With remote-based work and lifestyles becoming the norm, more communities are using virtual platforms like Discord—which currently boasts more than 150 million monthly active users. By being borderless, web3 can take this a step further and eliminate the gap between communities and enterprises across the globe.
  • Technology enhancements – Technology continues to quickly evolve, with NFT and web3 platforms becoming viable in 2021. As crypto wallet infrastructure continues to rapidly improve and expand, Society adapts to industry changes and enhancements. It’s an exciting time as more advancements become reality every day.

Moving forward

In an increasingly remote world, Society is transforming the way enterprises build more aligned and authentic relationships. From launching new and engaging loyalty programs to giving supporters the opportunity to vote on timely and relevant issues, enterprises are finding new ways to interact and connect beyond the status quo. Interested in learning more about all Society can do? We’d love to have a conversation. Let’s talk.

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