Loyalty Rules

Society is helping enterprises from across the globe to create brand loyalty programs. The unique platform gives brands the ability to create a tiered system to reward loyal community members for their engagement. 

The setup 

Society’s tiered system is based on an advanced rules engine. While structuring a community, a brand can create a set of rules and associate a number of points/rewards to them. More engaged community members can elevate their tiered status as they meet the preset qualifications.

Society can factor in complex rules, criteria and reward types to determine the various loyalty tiers. Here’s an overview of what these different classifications mean:

  • Rules. A “rule” establishes the satisfying wallet condition that a community member meets. The conditions can range from simple to more complex, such as holding a single NFT to holding a specific NFT for a minimum amount of time before burning it.
  • Criteria types. The criteria type defines the NFT attribute behind a given rule. It can be programmed to include all NFTs from a specified smart contract or be broken down based on traits. For example, the criteria can be set to only pull NFTs that have a specific background color.  
  • Rewards. Enterprises can choose what a community member receives for meeting a given rule. Popular rewards allotted through Society include:
    • Points: Determine a set number that will be summed up and checked against a loyalty tier. If a community member exceeds a certain number of points, they will be granted this tier.
    • Votes or contest entries: Members can receive more votes for community polling or entries in a giveaway when meeting the predetermined conditions.  
    • Role: An individual can earn a role in an integration platform (e.g., Discord) when meeting a set rule. 
    • Discounts: Members can earn unique online discount codes or coupons when building their loyalty status.


Society’s platform is engineered to be quick and efficient, so community members can have the tier they’ve earned fast. 

Integration possibilities

With Society, a member’s experience can be integrated with online communities like Discord or a custom site. Soon, brands can also incorporate live events and other social media. Society also supports multiple wallets and blockchains; in fact, it is the only system that allows users to connect more than one wallet to a single user account. 

Plus, snapshotting tools are also available to view a set of data relative to a community. With Society’s snapshot functionality, an organization can get a frozen set of data that shows community members’ holdings at an exact time. This allows a brand to quickly understand which members to reward and how much they have earned.

See for yourself 

Society is enabling brands and enterprises to create robust communities that engage community members in unique ways. If you’d like to learn more about all Society can do, contact us to set up a call or to view a demo.

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