Apply for our Private Beta

Join our Beta program and be the first to try SOCIETY, a web3-enabled tool that lets you take control and manage your communities and customers across platforms and at scale. 

Features include voting, rewards, airdrop loyalty rewards, and CRM capabilities. Society also allows you to own your own data, contacts, communication funnels, and interactions, and allows customer profiles to use permanent, non-fungible, customer-owned blockchain addresses as the source of truth.

Why Society?

Build and stay in touch with your community across networks

Increase engagements and direct feedback without ads or influencers

Strengthen Connections

Build transparency and sustainability in your most significant customer/member relationships

Own your community, contacts, transactions and interactions by owning your data

Customer-owned identities allow opt-in sharing and community investment

Key Features:

Get the Beta

We are only accepting a small number of organizations into the Society private beta program. Selected orgs will be able to use the platform and bot for free for six months. During that time, participants will be asked to help us improve feature roadmap, provide feedback, and help us dial-in product pricing. Following beta, participants will be able to continue using Society on a subscription basis, or are free to take all of their data and assets to be used elsewhere.

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